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Ahavat Yeshua Ahavat Yeshua Ahavat Yeshua Growing a Hebrew-speaking, Holy Spirit-empowered community in Jerusalem. A base for apostolic and prophetic ministry with a vision to multiply new congregations and see breakthrough in revival and outreach. Jerusalem, Israel Asher Intrater, Leader Amud HaEsh Amud HaEsh Amud HaEsh Establishing and supporting Ethiopian Jews in Israel Amud HaEsh guides, encourages, and restores Ethiopian Jews and families so they can share the light of Jesus, enter into the fullness of their calling, and become upstanding Israeli citizens in order to bring revival to the land of Israel. Jerusalem, Israel Kokeb Gedamu, Pastor Anchor of Hope Anchor of Hope Anchor of Hope Restoring hope to believers in Israel through Godly counsel Anchor of Hope supports the restoration and healing of the Body in Israel through Biblically based counseling and support services, and by training a network of believing counselors to serve in congregations and Anchor of Hope Counseling Center. Jerusalem, Israel Dr. Katherine Snyder, Director Derech Avraham Derech Avraham Derech Avraham Building unity in the Middle East At the Crossroads is building an international, relational network of disciples that is working on practical and spiritual initiatives to build unity and a Kingdom mindset in the Middle East that will ultimately bless the nations. Jerusalem, Israel Michael Kerem, Leadership Team Coordinator Be'ad Chaim Be'ad Chaim Be'ad Chaim Helping Israeli women and men choose life Be’ad Chaim promotes and preserves life in Israel by offering viable alternatives to abortion, resources for mothers in need, pregnancy counseling, as well as education initiatives. Jerusalem, Israel Sandy Shoshani, National Director Beit Asaph Beit Asaph Beit Asaph Building a vibrant community of disciples in Netanya Beit Asaph Messianic Congregation is building a culturally diverse community of Israeli believers on the principles of God with a heart to reach the lost in their city. Netanya, Israel Evan Thomas and Lev Guler, Senior Pastors Beit Immanuel Messianic Congregation Beit Immanuel Messianic Congregation Beit Immanuel Messianic Congregation Growing families empowered to share the Gospel in Israel Beit Immanuel is a congregation focused on strengthening families and the Messianic body in Israel so they can bring the love, healing, and restoration of Jesus to the nation. Tel-Aviv, Israel David Lazarus, Senior Pastor Caspari Center Caspari Center Caspari Center Equipping people with practical resources for life and ministry Caspari Center equips, teaches, and supports the local and international Body of believers by helping them gain deeper understanding of God and Jesus through Scripture and the Jewish roots of our faith. Jerusalem, Israel Elisabeth Eriksen Levy, International director/CEO CBN Israel CBN Israel CBN Israel Supporting spiritual, physical, and financial needs in the Messianic body CBN Israel is working with and for the Body of believers in a spirit of humility and unity that builds the Kingdom of God on the earth and prepares Israel for the coming of Jesus. Jerusalem, Israel Daniel Carlson, Deputy Director Chosen People Ministries Chosen People Ministries Chosen People Ministries Evangelizing and discipling Jewish people worldwide Chosen People Ministries evangelizes, disciples, serves, and prays for Jewish people everywhere and helps fellow believers do the same. Ramat Gan, Israel Dr. Mitch Glaser, President CMJ Israel CMJ Israel CMJ Israel Honoring and serving the people of Israel CMJ Israel is committed to representing the love of Jesus in word and deed to Jews and gentiles living in the land and those visiting from abroad. Jerusalem, Israel Garth Gilmour, Executive Director David's Key David's Key David's Key David's Key David's Key is a Hebrew-speaking congregation in the city of Jerusalem. Their school of music focuses on worship and outreach. Jerusalem, Israel Itzhak Mor Haim, Pastor and Leader Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre Reaching out to Israelis with the Good News of Messiah Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre is reestablishing Tel Aviv as the spiritual gateway of Israel through outreach, discipleship, teaching, and intercession. Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel Avi Mizrachi, Executive Director and Pastor Good God Church Good God Church Good God Church Bringing the love of Jesus to Muslims and Arabs Good God Church is bringing the peace found in the love of Jesus to Israel by revealing the joy of salvation to Arabs, Muslims, and Israelis in Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Israel Vincent Shammas, Pastor Hagefen Publishing Hagefen Publishing Hagefen Publishing To see the Body of Messiah in Israel grow in the knowledge of Christ. HaGefen Publishing is a publishing house with a mission to support congregations in Israel in their God-given task of outreach and discipleship. They do this by publishing outreach and discipleship books in both print and electronic form. Rishon LeTzion, Israel David Zadok, Director HaMaayan Congregation and Ministries HaMaayan Congregation and Ministries HaMaayan Congregation and Ministries Worshiping God and proclaiming the Good News in Kfar Saba Ha Maayan Congregation is giving glory to their Heavenly Father by serving Him and their community, proclaiming His salvation to Israel and their Arab neighbors, and providing a family-like environment that meets the basic and spiritual needs of each person so they can sense and feel the love of God. Kfar Saba, Israel Tony Sperandeo, Pastor HaTikva Project HaTikva Project HaTikva Project Serving families and the needy of Israel in the name of Yeshua HaTikva Project exists to strengthen the Body of Israeli believers and to serve the people of Israel with the love of their Messiah. We do this by providing dental services to the needy in our dental clinics, by equipping the Body to respond to the orphan crisis in Israel through adoption and foster care and by providing direct financial support to Israeli believers who are experiencing financial crisis. Ma’ale Adumim, Israel Evan Levine, Executive Director Hope for Israel Hope for Israel Hope for Israel Bringing the hope of Messiah back to Israel Hope for Israel passionately proclaims the Kingdom of God to Israel through discipleship and humanitarian outreach the people will know the Truth, fall in love with Yeshua, and understand the freedom of salvation. Jerusalem, Israel Moran Rosenblit, Founder and Executive Director Israel Academy of Ministry Israel Academy of Ministry Israel Academy of Ministry The IAM academy is focused on training in practical leadership. This program is designed around one or two week intensive classes that can help existing leaders gain specific strengths in areas of improving their congregations, ministries and organizations. The program is also designed to train assistant leaders, future leaders, up and coming leaders and lay leaders to bridge the gap between theological/doctrinal training and the hands on application of leading various ministries. Jerusalem, Israel Daniel Geppert, Leader Jews for Jesus Jews for Jesus Jews for Jesus Pursuing God’s plan of salvation for the Jewish people Jews for Jesus is making disciples and fulfilling the Great Commission by engaging Jewish people with the gospel message, equipping them to follow Jesus, and inspiring Christians to do the same. Tel Aviv, Israel Dan Sered, Israel Director Kehila News Israel Kehila News Israel Kehila News Israel Kehila News Israel Kehila is a Hebrew word that means community or congregation. Kehila News is an online community news and information portal By the community (kehila) in Israel, About the community (kehila) in Israel, For the community (kehila), both in Israel and around the world. Their vision is to connect the millions of Christians around the world who love Israel with the Messianic community in Israel. Haifa, Israel Yonatan Allon, Managing Editor Kehilat HaCarmel Kehilat HaCarmel Kehilat HaCarmel Building the One New Man in Haifa Kehilat HaCarmel is impacting the nation of Israel by strengthening and unifying the congregational body in Haifa and reaching out to the lost with the love of Jesus. Haifa, Israel Daniel Sayag, Pastor Kerem-El Messianic Congregation Kerem-El Messianic Congregation Kerem-El Messianic Congregation Kerem-El Messianic Congregation Established in 2009 and situated in the center of Mt. Carmel in the modern city of Haifa, Israel, Kerem-El is a vibrant, Hebrew-speaking Messianic congregation, that is dedicated to teaching the Word of God, to lifting up prayer and praise, to reaching out to locals with the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah and to making disciples. Haifa, Israel Daniel Sayag, Senior Pastor King of Kings Ministries King of Kings Ministries King of Kings Ministries Advance His Kingdom from the Heart of Jerusalem King of Kings Community is a compelling, Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community who is revealing the true face of Yeshua (Jesus) to Israel and the nations. Jerusalem, Israel Chad Holland, Senior Pastor