FIRM Members are the heart and soul of our network. They are Messiah-centered organizations fully dedicated to Israel-related ministry, that have been hand-picked and share a common calling and DNA.

FIRM Members are committed to:

Restoration of Israel
Members are committed to both the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel and the worldwide Jewish community, based on God’s covenants with the forefathers and confirmed by the Prophets (Ezekiel 36-37, Rom 15:8).
One New Man
Members are committed to a “One New Man” expression of Jew and Gentile together in the Messiah. We believe “blessing Israel” includes Jews, Arabs and others who dwell in the Land, as well as the worldwide Jewish community – especially those in the household of faith (Galations 6:10).
Spirit of Unity
Members are committed to a operating in a spirit of unity (Eph 4:3, Lev 26:8) acting as a catalyst for synergy and cooperation amongst all Israel related ministries.

FIRM Members exhibit:

Members agree to a written statement of faith affirming their commitment to Biblically sound doctrines.

Members are regarded as fruitful in ministry endeavors, and their leaders are respected by their peers as men and women of integrity.
Members exemplify strong leadership accountability as a legal entity with a decision-making board made up of at least three individuals that are not related by blood, who meet at least annually to establish policy and review accomplishments.
Members exhibit financial transparency at a leadership level, and are willing to provide reports — including financial information — on any specific projects for which they are seeking gifts.
FIRM Members are involved in a variety of different types of work.


Frontline Members are ministries whose primary focus is working directly with the inhabitants of Israel, both Jews and Arabs, and the Jewish community around the world.


Ambassador Members are ministries whose primary focus is to teach, engage and mobilize the Church and the world to understand God’s heart for Israel, as well as supporting other ministries in Israel that are doing effective work.

FIRM Members
Ahavat Yeshua Jerusalem, Israel Amud HaEsh Ethiopian Congregation Jerusalem, Israel Anchor of Hope Jerusalem, Israel At the Crossroads Jerusalem, Israel Be’ad Chaim Association Jerusalem, Israel Beit Asaph South Netanya, Israel Beit Immanuel Jaffa Tel-Aviv, Israel The Bible Society in Israel Jerusalem, Israel Caspari Center Jerusalem, Israel CBN Israel Jerusalem, Israel Chosen People Ministries New York, United States Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People Jerusalem, Israel Comfort My People Afton, United States Dugit Messianic Outreach Center Tel Aviv, Israel HaGefen Publishing Rishon LeTsion, Israel Hamaayan Congregation and Ministries Kfar Saba, Israel HaTikva Project Maale Adumim, Israel Hope For Israel Jerusalem, Israel IAM Academy Jerusalem, Israel Israel College of the Bible Netanya, Israel Jerusalem Prayer Tower Jerusalem, Israel Jewish Voice Ministries International Phoenix, United States Kehila News Israel Haifa, Israel Kehilat HaCarmel Haifa, Israel Kerem-El Haifa, Israel King of Kings Distribution Center Jerusalem, Israel King of Kings Ministries Jerusalem, Israel L’Dor Va’Dor UK/USA Lech L’cha Jerusalem, Israel Light of Zion Anaheim Hills, USA Maasay Yahdav, the Works of His Hands, Inc. Marietta, United States Maoz Israel Tel Aviv, Israel Medallion Jerusalem, Israel Meheman HaDavar Yad Hashmona, Israel Messianic Jewish Bible Institute Dallas, USA Messianic Jewish Israel Fund Jerusalem, Israel One for Israel Netanya, Israel Reach Initiative International Atlanta, United States Shemen Sasson Jerusalem, Israel Streams in the Desert Omer, Israel Tents of Mercy Network Kiryat Yam, Israel Tiferet Yeshua Tel Aviv, Israel Tikkun International Jerusalem, Israel Tree of Life Bible Society Snellville, USA Wilbur Ministries Jacksonville, United States Yeshua’s Inheritance Congregation Beer Sheva, Israel Yehudim LeMa’an Yeshua Tel Aviv, Israel Yuval Arts Jerusalem, Israel

*All Members go through an approval process and are vetted by our Membership Committee to ensure that they exhibit Biblical Soundness, Integrity, Accountability, and Financial Transparency, as well as meet our Membership Standards.

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