Member Highlight: L’dor Va’dor Initiative Reaches the Middle East

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September 18th, 2017
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L’dor Va’dor is an Israel and Middle East focused initiative. Based out of the UK, they aimed to educate and equip people to stand with Israel through Biblical truth as well as the understanding of current events.“L’dor Va’dor” is Hebrew for “generation to generation.” Their commitment is to say, like David,

“I will declare Your Name to all generations, therefore the nations will praise You forever.” Psalm 45:17

L’dor Va’dor desires to reconnect the generations and inspire them to possess uncompromising passion for Jesus with a heart for mission and evangelism.

For the past decade, they have annually taken groups of all ages, to Israel and the Middle East to see what God is doing in the region today. They emphasize the ability to touch the prophetic future and see the past come alive.

Current Project: Quest for Truth Documentary

One of the exciting projects they have been working on is a documentary: “Quest For Truth.” With the Israeli-Palestinian conflict constantly filling the news, which reports can be trusted? What is true? What is biased? These are the questions “Quest for Truth” wrestles with by following 11 young adults from 7 countries as they explore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for themselves.

They are seeking to find out if what is being taught at their universities and repeated on the media is true and what is false. Over a 3-week period, they stayed both sides of the security barrier between Palestinian and Israeli Territory, talking with key leaders, people of influence, the general public, and Messianic leaders in the land. The filming of the documentary began a few weeks ago and is currently coming to a close. “Quest for Truth” is desired to be portrayed to both secular and Christian audiences as we grapple with the current events together.

Getting feedback from young man after visiting to Yad Vashem| Holocaust Remembrance Center

Prayer Points

  • Practical and Financial Resources
  • Encouragement for Documentary Team
  • Safety in Travel as they Speak about Israel
  • The Next Generation to Rise Up in a Quest for Truth

  • Team visits Sderot | A bomb shelter city

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