The Israeli Connection: 3 Testimonies from Jews for Jesus

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September 5th, 2018
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From the perspective of Elsa Koppel, Jerusalem Encounter Participant:

Last year (2017), through Jews for Jesus’ ministry, 311 Hebrew hearts said yes to Yeshua and 303 Gentiles professed their faith in the risen Lord.

The stories behind the numbers, seeing God’s work in the secret places of a human soul come to fruition, certainly makes the waiting worth it.

Looking for a Sign

Rachel, a Jewish woman in London, was introduced to the gospel through a Christian friend. Even after many hours discussing the Bible, Rachel was still confused. She didn’t believe she could be Jewish and also Christian. She lifted her concern up to God asking him to give her a sign if Jews needed Jesus.

A few days later, Rachel took a wrong turn on her route and ended up in front of a Jews for Jesus shop. With the “Jews for Jesus” sign in big, lit up letters on the store front, Rachel realized she had received her sign!

She went in the following week with her Christian friend and got support from the missionaries within. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Messiah (Jews for Jesus Newsletter, 2018).

Through a Magazine

Gregg, a Messianic Jew, often passed along his copy of ISSUES (Jews for Jesus’ magazine for Jewish seekers) to unbelieving friends. Gregg had been ministering to his friend Ben for a long time, sharing the gospel with him but seeing no acceptance.

Later, Ben was in the hospital for hip replacement surgery and Gregg went to visit him, leaving another copy of ISSUES behind. Thirty minutes later, Gregg walked back into the hospital room and found Ben crying. The testimony of a Messianic Jew had impacted him deeply and persuaded his heart that Jesus truly was the Way. Ben prayed with Gregg and said yes to Yeshua, his Messiah (Jews for Jesus Newsletter, 2018).

“Show Me the Truth”

Robyn grew up in upstate New York in a conservative Jewish family. She had a deep animosity towards Jesus because of the evil, such as the Holocaust, done in His name. She admitted whenever she passed by a church, she wanted to spit on it. She couldn’t even stomach to say the name of Jesus.

In college, she met a Christian girl in the dorm beside hers who explained to her the Jewishness of Jesus, that He is the Jewish Messiah the Old Testament prophesied of. Robyn’s response to that was less than gracious, and she told the girl to leave her alone. But the conversation got her thinking.

She prayed, “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, please show me the truth, but please don’t let it be Jesus.” Various things kept happening to point her to reading the New Testament and she was shocked upon reading Matthew at how Jewish it was. She began to wonder how she couldn’t believe in Jesus.

Soon after, an ex-atheist came to her campus and explained how in his pursuit to disprove Jesus, he become a follower. Robyn was moved by his testimony and the logic of it—she realized it would now take more faith to not believe in Jesus than it would to accept Him. After a bit more time, she was finally ready to pray and receive the healing, love and life of her Messiah (Wilk, 2017).

(Example of Jews for Jesus’ outreach)

There is much more where these testimonies came from. Specifically in Israel itself, Aaron Hecht, guest blogger for One for Israel ministries writes,

More Israeli Jewish people have come into the Kingdom of God and His Son Jesus Christ in the last few years than at any time since the first century when the church was launched by the original apostles” (Hecht, 2018).

As can be seen, Jesus Christ is relentlessly pursuing the hearts of His people, breaking through lies and lifting the blindness. The promised restoration is already beginning.

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Elsa Koppel
Elsa Koppel is a college student living in the state of Virginia. She is currently pursuing a degree in Cinematic Arts at Liberty University and hopes to glorify God through film and videos. Elsa and her family love Jesus and His plan for Israel and the Jewish people.
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