About Us

FIRM creates opportunities for believers to connect with trusted ministries in Israel.

Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries

We believe that standing with Israel is more than a political statement — it goes far deeper than that.

Standing with Israel is a spiritual attitude. Our connection with the Jewish people has been marred by many tragic events in history. The church has much repenting and repair work to do.

In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus tells a parable about how the nations treated his “brethren”. Many scholars understand that “brethren” refers to his earthly brethren, the Jews, and the how we treat them is how we treat him.

Just as Ruth, the gentile said to Naomi, the Jew, “Your people will be my people, your God, my God”, we follow God’s heart for His destiny for His covenant people.

Based out of Jerusalem, Israel,

FIRM exists to fulfill three main goals:

INSPIRE people, especially leaders, to bless Israel

CONNECT individuals and ministries for greater cooperation and synergy

EQUIP ministries and individuals for greater effectiveness in blessing Israel


What makes us different?


We bring together and cultivate relationships between ministries and leaders from around the world.


We believe that the reason we must seek to bless Israel and her neighbors is because of Jesus the Messiah.


We seek to raise the voice of Israel-related ministries to a higher level through synergy. We embrace a broad spectrum of entities, including messianic Jews.

The State of Our World

Many churches and Christian educational institutions are, at an alarming rate, joining with voices that seek to delegitimize Israel, judging with double standards and vilifying with terms like “apartheid”, and other loaded and inaccurate terms. Some are joining efforts to harm the state by boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS).

FIRM works towards uniting organizations who are willing to stand on behalf of Israel. FIRM also reaches out to leaders and educators who are wanting theological clarity and information about conflicts in the region—providing a forum for a flow of information as well as commentary. When Israel is either falsely accused or unfairly maligned, we will “have her back.”

FIRM exists to bring the true message of what God is doing in the Middle East—among Jews and Arabs—to two primary groups: Leaders & Influencers, and Young Adults & Millennials.

As more spiritual leaders and their communities begin to embrace the people of Israel, the Body of believers worldwide will tap into the “olive root” from which we are nourished. The Body of believers will help reverse the erosion of our common Judeo-Christian values and will experience the blessing God promised to those who bless His chosen people.

Do you have a ministry that blesses Israel and want to be part of FIRM?

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