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Derech Avraham
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Building unity in the Middle East
Jerusalem, Israel
About At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads is building an international, relational network of disciples that is working on practical and spiritual initiatives to build unity and a Kingdom mindset in the Middle East that will ultimately bless the nations.

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Michael Kerem
Leadership Team Coordinator

Building unity in the Middle East

The return of the Lord is at hand, and yet unity has not come to the Middle East. Until there is reconciliation between these nations, as outlined in Isaiah 19, the highway that will bless the nations cannot be built.

At the Crossroads gathers national and international believers from around the Middle East to attend their ATC events, hosted in Jerusalem and intermittently throughout key regional locations such as Jordan, Cyprus and Armenia. These gatherings encourage new initiatives and supply resources for ongoing projects in the region, including aid to Syrian refugees, planting churches, and discipleship programs.

Join the prophetic reunion and reconciliation of the Middle East

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Jerusalem, Israel
About the ministry

At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads/ Derech Avraham (Abraham’s Journey) believes that God’s blessing will be released on the earth when there is unity among the Body in the Middle East. Their initiatives, relational network, and gatherings mobilize the next generation by helping them understand their responsibility to help the world see Egypt, Assyria, and Israel, together and unified, as a blessing on the earth in light of God’s covenants, promises, and prophetic plans.